2011 AP Computer Science Reading

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APCS 2011

The 2011 AP Computer Science Reading was held at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati from June 2 through June 8 (pre-reading May 29 - June 1).

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The set of free response questions that were scored at the 2011 reading:
2011 Free-Response Questions - Computer Science A (.pdf/412K)

June 3 – College Board Open Forum
June 4 – Professional Night with Gail Chapman, ECS Director of National Outreach
               "Exploring Computer Science"
June 5 – Dine Out
June 6 – Toy Night (“Pedagogical Practices”)
June 7 – Cincinnati Reds Baseball Game
June 8 – Closing Night Ceremonies

Retrospective [AP Annual Conference 2011 Presentation]

Visuals from session at APAC 2011:
Results from the 2011 AP Computer Science A Exam Administration




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